Planting For The Future

By Judy Baehr

Unforeseen Events


acaI used to think retirement would be a predictable time of life. I would live in a rose-covered cottage by the sea, bake scones, and take long walks into town. Old friends and offspring would visit at predictable times, work would occupy predictable morning hours, I would relax predictably with long-enjoyed hobbies. Even my thoughts and conversations would be on familiar, predictable topics.

How silly of me. The younger generation may think retirement is predictable and thus boring, but those who are living it know otherwise. My world is speeding up, and I am hanging on for dear life. At a time when I would like to enjoy a quiet nap on the patio listening to the birds tweet, I have found it necessary to embrace spontaneity and go with the flow.

Unforeseen events play a large part in life at Lakeside, and one of the happier events in my life here has been my serendipitously linking up with ACÁ. It started with my feverishly looking to replace the organic farm stands of Massachusetts and score some mesclun mix. It grew to my appreciation of all that goes into organic agriculture here and my realization of the tenuous future of traditional organic farming in Mexico, particularly the preservation of heirloom varieties of corn and other produce. I am grateful to ACÁ for all the serendipitous experiences I have enjoyed at the farm, all the wonderful produce I have enjoyed, and all the friendships and learning experiences I could not have foreseen.

If you’ve been missing ACÁ’s Eco Talks and Trips because of unpredictable events in your life, you have the following opportunities to get with the program this June:

6/20 - Food Market Tour - Abastos Trip to Guadalajara 9-4, pre-register at LCS business office.

6/30 - Honey & Bees.

Eco Talks are held at the Lake Chapala Society gazebo Tuesdays from noon to 2:00 p.m. They end June 30 and resume in September.

FREE ACÁ Workshops at the Farm: “Herbs and a Whole Lot More”

6/04 – Chili and Chutneys

6/11 - Fruit & Herb Conserves and Jams

6/16- Fruits & Veggies Unique to Mexico

6/18 - Herbal Tea & Jellies

6/25 - Spices & Grilling Spice Blends

Find ACÁ’s Great Greens daily at the Lake Chapala Society or stop at the ACÁ demonstration farm and Eco Center in Jaltepec (M-F 9-5, Sat 9-1). Visit for more information.

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