—A Metaphor for Life

By Sydney Gay



When I’m waiting a short time for someone or something to happen, I often find myself on my phone playing Solitaire. Sometimes I win. More often I lose. When I’m stuck and can go no further in a game, the game ends automatically. I no longer need to struggle or fret. I can then choose to play another game. Or I can put my phone away and get on with my real life. No regrets. I’ll play again another day.

A game of Solitaire could be a metaphor for an entire lifetime. We are dealt a hand and we have to play those cards. We turn over one or two cards at a time and hope for the best. If we’re in too much of a hurry, not fully present, distracted or unaware of all the choices we have, we are apt to overlook an opportunity to make a crucial move that we need to make in order to win. It’s easy to make a single move that causes a problem we may or may not be able to overcome.

Just when it looks like there is no way to win and I’m about to give up, the way may suddenly open. Being able to uncover single card allows me to keep going, uncovering more and more cards.

A game of Solitaire can be a challenge. But it’s nothing compared to some every- day challenges we face as we move in old age and lose some of our physical and mental agility. We have to keep telling ourselves not to give up. An attitude of hope and perseverance keeps us going when conditions and situations appear pretty discouraging.

I just need to keep looking for new possibilities. When things work out, I’m glad. When they don’t, I try to remember that maybe I’ll have another opportunity. If the “hand we are dealt” in this lifetime is lousy, we do what we can with it. Perhaps we’ll get lucky in our next lifetime. So relax, forgive yourself for stupid mistakes. Better luck next time.


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