What A Dog Really Is!

By George Leonard Herter

dog 2019


The Most Unselfish Living Creature Is Your Dog. If you are in danger, your dog needs only to hear your cry for help, and he will come to your aid without fear of losing his own life.

The Most Patient Creature In The World Is Your Dog. Whatever you give him, whatever you do for him, he is always sincerely grateful to you. To your dog you are the most wonderful person in the world. In his eyes and heart, you can do no wrong.

The Most Sincerely Friendly Creature In The World Is Your Dog. Of all of God’s animals, he alone works for man without a whip. He is always happy to be with his master, wherever he may be, whatever he may do. He is sadder than any living creature when his master is away, and is the only creature that can actually die in a short time from lonesomeness for his master.

The Most Forgiving Creature In The World Is Your Dog. Among humans, true adherence to genuine forgiveness is found only with saints. Your dog carries no grudge and no spite. Punish him even when he does not deserve it and he comes to you and nudges his wet cold nose into your hand, looks up at you with honest, pleading eyes and wags his tail hesitantly as though to say, “I forgive you, you can kill me if you wanted to, and I still forgive you.”

The Most Loyal Creature In The World Is Your Dog. Whether you are dressed in rags, or the height of fashion; whether you are a beggar or a wealthy man; whether you are thought of as a hero or a coward, a wise man or a fool, your dog is waiting for you with a loving, friendly bark of happiness, a friendly wagging tail, and a heart that is full of nothing but love for you.


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