HAVE YOU SEEN—Your doctor’s or dentist’s ad lately?



If you have, congratulate him—it means that they are up-to-date with all licenses and permits regarding their practice here in Mexico. If you take a closer look at your medical practitioner’s ad, you will see the  Coprisjal (Jalisco’s Health Secretariat Permit to Advertise) approval  number somewhere in the advertisement: perhaps in very small lettering, but  it is there.

What this approval number means is that a significant effort was made by the doctors and dentists to update all permits and licenses and the establishment at which they work in order to prove to the public that they are licensed by the Health Authorities to practice in the state of Jalisco.

Just as in the rest of the world, many self-proclaimed doctors/dentists are out there desperately looking for a quick buck, most of whom not only charge for their consultation, but also for the “miracle drug” that will alleviate all your present and future ailments. If all goes fine, the patient just loses some money to these charlatans, but if the drug is the cause of a greater sickness, you are on your own. Over a dozen deaths a month just in Jalisco are reported because of this very problem.

So next time you visit your doctor or dentist at Lakeside or in Guadalajara, ask if he or she is up to date with all of Coprisjal’s regulations. Health is the most important thing you have, so asking for his/her credentials might help to save your life.


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