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About two years ago, Bill and Melanie adopted our Maggie Mae. She wasn’t a dog we expected to be adopted, having been at the Ranch about six years. And during that time her personality had changed. Usually she was friendly and loving with everyone, but during her last few years at The Ranch she developed a fear of strangers and would cower at the back of the run when potential adopters came to visit. When it was just volunteers, she was her normal sweet loving self. She also had a bad limp from a fracture she suffered before coming to the Ranch that had never been set properly.

Melanie and Bill walked through the Ranch and past all the friendly, beautiful, young dogs. Stopping at Maggie’s run Melanie asked me about the one in the back. We told Melanie the dog’s story and she immediately wanted to meet Maggie. They took the dog home, where Maggie attached herself to Mel that very day.

A few months later Bill emailed to say that they’d lost one of their dogs and wanted another Ranch dog. We started to recommend a few possibilities, and then stopped knowing Mel would choose her own dog. Just like the previous time, she went through the Ranch and set her sights on the most frightened, un-social dog we had, Ivy. When we brought them together and put Ivy in Mel’s lap, it was obvious Ivy didn’t want to move, she was home. It just so happened that Ivy had a sister at the Ranch, Zoe. Like so many of the wonderful, generous people who come to The Ranch looking for their next best friend, Melanie and Bill took both Zoe and Ivy to their forever home. Now, two months later here are the three former Ranch dogs, Ivy, Maggie Mae and Zoe snuggled together on their love seat.

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