It’s A Mystery

By Anna Elena Berlin


It will be alright

How, how will it be alright

I don’t know... it’s a mystery

Everything is going to hell

It will be alright

How can you be sure

I don’t know... it’s a mystery

Things never go my way

Don’t worry, it will be alright

How can you keep saying that to me

Because I know it will be all right

How, how do you know it will be alright

I don’t know--it’s a mystery

This mystery is a farse

Things will not go well

No, no you will see that in the end

It will be alright

If you say that again I will hit you

You don’t have to believe me

Just answer this one question

When has it never turned out to be alright


There you see, it always turns out alright

Yes, you are right

Eventually it always turns out alright

It always turns out alright one way or the other

Because that is the way it works

You just have to have faith and trust

And be patient, everything will be alright

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