There’s a Band Around My Heart

By Kathy Koches


There’s a band around my heart. It is like an elastic band,

stretching and allowing my heart to expand so there is more room;

More room for love, more compassion,

Adding and growing every day.

There’s a band around my heart. It is like hard steel,

cutting deep. It helps me contain pain and grief;

My own and that of others, such as when I see the abuse and

suffering of children, animals, strangers and friends.

There’s a band around my heart. It is like a wooden ring,

with warm, rich colors and many layers. It is beautiful,

as well as useful, and I consented to the placement eagerly,

knowing it would enrich my life.

There’s a band around my heart. It was not put there by a surgeon,

though it was placed with great care.

I can show you a replica, made of gold and adorned with diamonds;

A daily reminder to me of the true band around my heart.

There’s a band around my heart. It is made of love.

It was placed there nearly twenty-five years ago.

It is my most cherished possession and

 I will keep it around my heart forever.

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