A Centro Educativo Jaltepec Graduate Whose Dream Came True

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Centro Educativo Jaltepec celebrated its 50th Anniversary in February 2019. Alumni and special guests attended from all over the USA and Mexico and it included many from the local Lakeside community.

A special moment occurred when Lulu, (Lourdes Tinoco), a 1990 graduate who is the Assistant Guest Services Captain at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, came to say thank you to Linda Buckthorp, Community Facilitator, for helping girls like her achieve success and go beyond their wildest dreams.

 Lourdes Tinoco
Lourdes Tinoco, Jaltepec Graduate 1990

Lourdes submitted her testimonial to encourage others to recognize and contribute towards Jaltepec, the Hospitality and Hoteleria School that transforms young women for life by granting a Technical University degree in Hoteleria.

From Lourdes -   “I had a great privilege after my graduation. All the skills and training that Jaltepec provided helped me in all aspects in my life, including guiding my daughters in all facets of their lives.

Professionally I currently work in the Dodger Stadium in the City of Los Angeles, California, USA. I am employed by their Hospitality Department and I can proudly say that due to the valuable knowledge I learned at Jaltepec I am able to give that special touch to everything I do. That knowledge means success wherever we are. It is wonderful how everything we learn in Jaltepec influences practically all areas of our lives, family and professional life as well as an individual citizen.

I feel it is important to provide my testimony as I perform my job to the best of my ability, and always with love. I sincerely want to express my great appreciation for this Institution. Thanks to you my beloved Jaltepec. Thanks to you I have been able to reach success.

Lourdes Tinoco   Jaltepec Graduate 1990

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