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Transformando mujeres para la vida
Transforming Women for Life

Our Annual Open House for the local community who are interested in learning more about Centro Educativo Jaltepec, the Tecnico Universitario en Hoteleria y Hospitalidad, (Technical University for Hotel and Hospitality) will take place on Monday, February 17th starting at 11:00 AM. Young women from all over Mexico strive to earn their Degree in Hoteleria that in turn will change their lives


Maria Jimenez Jaltepec
María Fernanda González Jiménez

There will be a Presentation on the history of Jaltepec, the Academic Program and the Scholarship Program. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be offered and the presentation will start at 11:00 AM followed by a tour of the facilities and a complimentary luncheon at 1:00 PM prepared and served by the students, demonstrating the high standards and quality of education they are receiving at Jaltepec.

Seating is limited to 60 guests. For information and reservations please contact

Linda Buckthorp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 766-1631.

The Sinatra event hosted November 3rd by Linda Buckthorp, the Community Facilitator for Centro Educativo Jaltepec was another successful relaxed and entertaining Sunday afternoon. Bill Dingwall presented an enjoyable selection of recorded music featuring many of Frank’s favorites and the stories behind them.

Thanks to Patron Darryl Raymaker, Q.C. an avid Sinatra fan who flew in especially from Calgary, and Wine host Maestro Timothy G.R. Welch, all expenses were covered and $40,000.00 pesos were raised for the General Scholarship Fund to benefit the needier students of Jaltepec.

From left to right, Darryl Raymaker, QC, Linda Buckthorp & Bill Dingwall. Missing is Timothy G.R. Welch who had to attend a dress rehearsal at the Bravo Theater.

Darryl Raymaker Linda Bill Dingwall

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