The National Bird?


Ben Franklin, it might be recalled,
Entreated all his fellow men:
“Forget about the eagle bald,
Wild turkey is American.

“Bald eagles are bad characters,
But turkeys are respectable.
They won’t be viewed as predators,
And turkeys are delectable.

“Wild turkeys winging overhead
Are such a sight to see
Compared to one lone eagle, Jeb,
Perched high in yonder tree.”

“We’re going with the eagle, Ben,
On watch and soaring overhead.
Your gobblers don’t inspire men;
Stern gaze is what we need instead.

“In short, we need an emblem
To symbolize our nation,
And turkeys don’t engender

Yes, that’s the way it happened, friends,
And yet it seems ironic
That turkeys and Thanksgiving
Are more and more iconic.

—Mark Sconce—

Ed. Note: The perfect piece for Thanksgiving that was either found or sent to us too late.

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