Verdant View

By Francisco Nava

Viveros of the Ribera



As a rule, I visit as many viveros as I can, trying to keep up with their evolving profiles.  Here is a list of viveros I know.  I’m sure there are others, but I hope this list guides you to your flora destinations.


1         Vivero El Quetzal, #339 Miguel Arana Ote.

Many kinds of small, mature trees, good selection of flowers, liquidambar (Sweetgum), sycamore, citrus, Beaucarnia, thuja, native pines. Very organized. knowledgeable and friendly staff.

2         Vivero Larios, Miguel Arana (next to Malecon, across from Petro 55 gas station)

Nice selection of flowering ornamentals, small Casuarinus (locally called pine trees), bougainvillea, Italian  junipers, citruses, New Zealand flax, small succulents, small boot-shaped pots, heirloom roses.

3         Vivero El Humilde, Carretera KM 59                    

Great selection of unusual fruit trees and hard to find specimens.

San Juan Cosala

4         Vivero San Juan, Carretera # 58                                               

Sun and shade flowers, dirt, herbs, a few fruit trees, lavender.

Piedra Barrenada

5         Vivero El Tabachine # 2, E. of Piedra Barrenada, Near seafood restaurants 

Huge inventory, large trees and mature plants, Blue palms, bamboo, pines, ferns, junipers, morea, agaves, opuntia, gardenias, fig leaf ficus, large kalanchoes, plumeria, ceibas, sanguine, eucalyptus and euphorbias.

La Canacinta

6         Cacti Bioesfera, Calle Canacinta

Wonderful, mature cacti demo garden, retail sales of small plants.


7         Vivero El Tacahine # 1, Rio Bravo (lateral carr.) 

Good selection of pots, flowering ornamentals, some small fruit trees.

8         Vivero Cactus, Nte. 102, La Mojonera                  

Mature demo garden, cultivars, retail sales, largest succulent nursery on  the lake.

9         Zoo Vivero, Carr. # 100 (bet. La Cristina y Las Palmas)                       

Good for poinsettias in season.

10      Azucena Nursery, Javier Mina # 43, above Gossips          

Lots of pots, soil, rocks, good selection of ornamentals.

San Antonio Tlayacpan

11      Flora Exotica, Libramiento # 2                               

Large selection of trees and ornamentals, pots and herbs.

12      Vivero San Antonio, San Jose # 246 A                                  

A large selection of fruit and ornamental trees, New Zealand flax, succulents, orchid, bamboo, ferns, dirt.

Riberas Del Pilar

13      Vivero Los Pinos, Across from old 7-11, near Hidalgo # 352-A                         

Good selection of crotos, Ti plants, some pots, fruit trees, herbs, nut trees, celery, agave bovicornuta, taro root, Bismarckia palms, angel trumpet, sansevieria, junipers, crinum.

14      Vivero La Plaza, Near Mom’s, next to Wizz        

Herbs, Euphorbia grandicornis, dracaena, crotos, maple trees.


15      San Antonio Nursery 2, Malecon/Ramon Corona             

Small selection of varied plants

16      Vivero El Gallo, Gonzalez Gallo # 24A, Next door to old train  Station/cultural center                                  

Wonderful selection of plants, home re-use items, restaurant and lovely fine and garden art.


17      Vivero El Tabachine # 3, Libramiento, E. of Chula Vista Norte gate.

Good selection of mid-size to adult ornamentals, trees, shade and sun plants, some pots.

18      Agua Viva, Libramiento # 90, In front of Chula Vista Norte entrance gate.

Succulents, ornamentals, many shade plants.


Rains are fewer.  At the viveros you might find kalanchoe, chrysanthemums, the familiar annuals: zinnias, marigolds, cosmos and sunflowers.  Some iris will bloom for a second time.  Now is the time to put cabbage family members into your veggie garden as well as lettuce, peas and spinach.  Don’t forget to try arugula. Flower seeds to start now are amaranthus, baby’s breath, columbine and alstroemeria.  Towards the end of the month begin a regular watering schedule.  Water deeply once or twice a week to promote deep root growth.  Let the soil around established plants dry out between watering.  Keep pruning, deadheading and fertilizing, especially if you use a liquid.

A special thanks to “Mulch” Mowers, for his assistance and support.


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