Welcome to Mexico!
By Victoria Schmidt

House Calls


Oboo-1ne of the great things I love about Mexico is that medical doctors make house calls. Oh, they all have their offices and appointments are the norm. But there are doctors in Mexico who understand the concept of simply being too sick to go to the doctor. They will come to you. I’ve had that experience several times with my husband since we moved here. It is a luxury we try not to abuse.

There are many concepts of medical care that are different here than in the USA. The doctors seem to be genuinely concerned about the health of their patients. They ask questions I was never asked in the USA. They focus on your life, your family, your diet, and your eating habits. Changes need to be made? Instead of reaching for the prescription pad, they start by changing diets and life styles.

Our doctor actually did write a prescription to my husband to improve his eating and sleeping habits! No pills! I had a doctor even ask me what kind of pets I lived with. And every doctor I have had here has helped me. I am healthier now than I was in the USA. And so is my husband. Our doctor takes the time to get to know us as people. Here we are more than a number on a chart, or the name of a disease.

I find this care extends also to the doctors who care for our animals. Veterinarians understand the needs of their patients. My husband and I had four animals. Sometimes, it was just too difficult to get them all to the vet. In Minnesota, we found one vet who would come to our home to tend to our animals. In such a vastly populated area there was only one who would come to our home. But here in our charming corner of Mexico, almost every vet will make house calls when necessary.

Today was one of those days. Actually it was one of our darker days. Our rescue dog, Boo, had reached his limit of problems that could be fixed medically. Boo, was initially rescued from a puppy mill, and was named Sergio. We found that name meant “servant.” After the horrible treatment in the puppy mill, his serving days were over. Since he seemed to be afraid of everything when we first got him, we named him Boo.

His fear of going to the vet made another trip there too traumatizing, and we wanted his last day to be free from as much trauma as possible. I contacted the doctor, who came to our home, so that we could hold our Boo in our arms, in his own home, with his brothers around him, and have him put to sleep surrounded by love. We are forever grateful for the loving care this doctor gave to our Boo during the five years he cared for Boo, and in the last moments of Boo’s life.

Boo went peacefully and is now out of pain, and the remaining animals, two cats and a dog respectfully watched the process as if they understood. After the doctor left, each animal approached both my husband and me to try to ease our pain. There are people who believe that animals are too “dumb” or “stupid” to understand. These people clearly have never owned a pet.

We feel blessed to be surrounded by so many professionals who care about their patients, be they human or animal.


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