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April 2022 Slaying The Deer Slayers In Mexico: The Yaqui Experience By Hayes Raitt
March 2022 Where is Little Martin? By Sergio Casas
February 2022  A Village Street Party In Mexico By Blue
January 2022 Another New Year’s Eve By Patricia Hemingway
December 2021 On Christmas Morn He Came By Charles A. Baumhauer
November 2021 “The Night of the Dead” - Lives on in Patzcuaro, Mexico By Carol L. Bowman
October 2021 El Dorado By Robert Drynan
September 2021 Understanding the Mexican Flag By Herbert W. Piekow
August 2021 The Magic Of Lakeside By Don Beaudreau
July 2021
By Robert Bruce Drynan
June 2021 Pains, Trains and Wildfires By Neil McKinnon
May 2021
The Miracle Monarchs Of Michoacan
By Neil McKinnon
April 2021
The Daily Life Of Jesus Of Nazareth
By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
March 2021
My Brother’s Angel
By Steve Griffin
February 2021
And the Post Office Made Three
By Margaret Van Every
January 2021
Why You Should Get A Cat In The New Year
By Don Beaudreau
December 2020 Stille Nacht By Robert B. Drynan
November 2020
Tranquility in the Pines, Terror in the Birch
By Carol L. Bowman
October 2020
A Uniquely Mexican Holiday
By Herbert W. Piekow
September 2020 The Father of Mexico By Herbert W. Piekow
August 2020 Living Between Two Worlds By Judy Dykstra-Brown
July 2020 The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse By Dr. Lorin Swinehar
June 2020 Jack: A Dog’s Story By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
May 2020 Eternal Strangers By Herbert W. Piekow
April 2020 The Small Town That Produced A President By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
March 2020 The Freshman Rebellion By Carol L. Bowman
February 2020 THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO—Re-Examined By Shep Lenchek
January 2020 The Fable Of The Complainer Who Travelled A Long Distance By Neil McKinnon
December 2019 An Old-Fashioned Christmas By Alvin Alexsi Currier
November 2019 A Republican President Who Loved Mexico By Prof. Michael Hogan
October 2019
Carlota, Mexico’s Lost Empress
By Morgan Bedford
September 2019

Jungle Of Stone: The True Story of Two Men, Their Extraordinary Journey, and the Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya

Reviewed by Jeanine Kitchel
August 2019 BOOK-ENDS OF REDEMPTION —Brazil to Portugal Transatlantic Crossing By Carol L. Bowman
July 2019 The Wilde Midwest By Mark Sconce
June 2019 Layla Visits the Shaman Don Cuauhtémoc By Jeanine Kitchel
May 2019 Cancer Can’t Take My Smile By Brooke Gardner
April 2019 The Risk & Reward Of Communicating Intimately By Dr. Daniel Acuff Ph.D.
March 2019

Judas, The Saint That Wasn’t

The Enigmatic Apostle Who Betrayed Jesus

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
February 2019 Harlow Shapley—A Profile in Astronomy By Mark Sconce
January 2019 Things I Did That Summer By Margie Keane
December 2018 When The Mississippi Flowed North: The 1811 New Madrid Earthquake By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
November 2018 True Giving By Margaret Van Every
October 2018 TRAIL OF TEARS–A Tale of Injustice By Robert James Taylor
September 2018 AN OJO CELEBRATION: The 75th Awards Luncheon By Patsy Krakoff
August 2018 Charlotte’s World-Wide Web By Mark Sconce
July 2018 BENITO JUAREZ—The Man Who Appointed Himself President By Herbert W. Piekow
June 2018 “A” Is For Awesome By Kenneth Salzmann
May 2018 On Becoming A Canadian By Neil McKinnon
April 2018 A Brief History Of Jews In Mexico By Mel Goldberg
March 2018 Hey, I Used To Be Somebody! By Sandy Olson
February 2018 ADJUSTING TO MEXICO—Linked with Personality By Dr. M.I. Ehrlich
January 2018 We Must Not Forget Our Past Courtesy of Phyliss Ewing
December 2017 Amahl And The Night Visitors By Barbara Hildt
November 2017 Bip Attends A Dinner Party By Day Dobbert
October 2017 The Theft Of History By Kelly Hayes-Raitt
September 2017 The Confederate “Invasion” Of Mexico By Robert Drynan
August 2017 It Ain’t For Sissies! By Tom Nussbaum
July 2017 Beauty Is Sovereign By Mark Sconce
June 2017 Sipping A Sling In Singapore By Carol L. Bowman
April 2017 The Lakeside’s “Mister Bojangles” By Tom Eck
March 2017 LOVE AT LAKESIDE—Part 1 By Sandy Olson
February 2017 Abraham Lincoln And Mexico By Dr. Michael Hogan
January 2017 Jewish Humor By Scott Aronowitz 
December 2016 Who Is This Jesus? By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
November 2016

Dora And I

By G. Martin Roman
October 2016 A Most Conflicted Priest By Herbert W. Piekow
September 2016 Kokio: A Novel Based on the Life of Neill James (2016) By Karl Homann 
August 2016 Torquemada And The Spanish Inquisition By Dr. Lorin Swinehart 
July 2016 CHOCOLATE and MEXICO—A Love Affair By Herbert W. Piekow
June 2016 Sky High By Chuck Pattinian
May 2016 Ruminations By Robert Drynan
April 2016 The Many Faces Of Eva By Carol L. Bowman
March 2016 H.L.MENCKEN— Writer Provocateurencken By Mark Sconce
February 2016 “Tolstoyevsky” By M. Woland
January 2016 Peso Economics Explained By Ed Tasca
December 2015

Shepherds & Wise Men

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart 
November 2015 Delta Lady By Harriet Hart
October 2015 Monster! By Mark Sconce
September 2015 The Soldier Nun By Herbert W. Piekow
August 2015 A Woman In Ajijic By W. L. Mesusan
July 2015 A Medal Of Honor Long Overdue By Kelly Hayes-Raitt
June 2015 ¡SI SE PUEDE! 
(“Yes, we can!”)
By Dr. Lorin Swinehart 
May 2015 EL OJO DEL LAGO—In the beginning were the words Dale Hoyt Palfrey
April 2015

Mexican Runaway Bride

By Janice Valverde
March 2015

Ellis Townsend—A Lakeside Literary Treasure

By Shep Lenchek
February 2015

Dust On My Heart

Book Review by Alice Hathaway
January 2015


By Herbert W. Piekow
December 2014

The Life And Lessons Of St. Francis Of Assisi

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
November 2014

A Balloon In Cactus

By Maggie Van Ostrand
October 2014

How Railroads Changed Mexico

By Bill Dean
September 2014

Massive Human Rights Tragedy On US Southern Border

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
August 2014

CHARLIE KLESTADT—Cruz Roja, and Blessings

By Margaret Ann Porter
July 2014

This House Is A “Home!”

By Herbert W. Piekow
June 2014

The City Beneath The City

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
May 2014

MOCTEZUMA—The  Emperor

By Herbert W. Piekow
April 2014


—Resonates yet in the world’s torture chambers

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
March 2014  The Enigma Of Mexico’s Plumed Serpent By Ralph F. Graves
February 2014 Chapala Railway Station To Become Museum By Ilse Hoffmann
January 2014 Driving In Guadalajara Is Easy! By Suzie Lotven
December 2013 The Idols Of San Juan Cosala By Idella Purnell
November 2013 Acclaimed Jazz Band To Perform By Mel Goldgerg
October 2013 CARLOTA—Mexico´s Lost Empress By Morgan Bedford
September 2013
THE AMERICAN SCHOOL: The Scholastic “Pearl of the West” By Sofia Benitez
August 2013 Discovering Guadalajara the way Columbus might have: Getting Lost. By Ed Tasca
July 2013 Have Ashes, Will Travel By Maggie Van Ostrand
June 2013 BARTOLOME DE LAS CASAS: A Hero for all Time By Dr. Lorin Swinehart
May 2013 The Giant Wore Silk  By Ed Lusch
April 2013 The Death Of John Riley— Revisited By Michael Hogan, Ph.D.
March 2013 Don Ysidro By Bruce Holland Rogers

February 2013

LAKESIDE: Lourdes without the Rich French Food

By Ed Tasca

January 2013 HARRY TRUMAN
The Man Who Saved Western Civilization

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart

December 2012

Brief History Of Ajijic

By June Nay Summers

November 2012 A Brief History Of Jews In Mexico By Mel Goldberg
October 2012 Gringa Vs. Cobblestones By Carol Curtis
September 2012 NEILL JAMES—Ajijic’s Woman of the Century! By Tod Jonson
August 2012 Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone By Richard (Rick) McGraw
July 2012 Lakeside’s Master of Murals—Javier Zaragoza By Rob Mohr
June 2012 The Old Man And The Mojito By Carol L. Bowman
May 2012 Two Men Who Forever Changed Mexico By Herbert W. Piekow
April 2012 Viva los Mariachis By Mildred Boyd
March 2012 Life On The Altiplano By Carol L. Bowman
February 2012 The Image Of Mexico By Herbert W. Piekow
January 2012 Our Trip To The Butterflies By Kay Thompson
December 2011 THE TENTH MUSE— Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695) By Mark Sconce
November 2011 They’re Coming Back! By Paul Hart
October 2011 XVI Pan American Games By David Harper
September 2011 The United States Longest War By Mel Goldberg
August 2011 PRAGUE-Pay to Pee and Stand to Eat By Carol L. Bowman
July 2011 Canada Confederation Day By Robb Howard
June 2011 The Brujas of Mexico and California By Fred Mittag
May 2011 Las  Alfombras of Semana Santa
Antigua, Guatemala
By Carol L. Bowman
April 2011 The Golden Age Of Mexican Cinema By Herbert W. Piekow
February 2011 Mexico’s Leapfrog Into The 21st Century By Richard Rhoda, PHD
January 2011 Mother Mexico By Bill Frayer
December 2010 The Straw Man By Mildred Boyd
—Lives On in Patzcuaro, Mexico
By Carol L. Bowman
October 2010 Pancho Villa’s Granddaughter By James Tipton
September 2010 Magnificent Mazamitla By Kay Davis
August 2010 Mexico Gets No Respect! By Dr. Richard Rhoda
July 2010 Blue Birds With Wheels, Not Wings By Carol L. Bowman
June 2010 Peter Morse Moir aka “Pedro Loco” By Mark Sconce
May 2010 Lady With a Lance By Mildred Boyd
April 2010 A Ticket to the Grand Show By Neil McKinnon
March 2010 The National Highway By Beatriz E. Garcia
February 2010 B. Traven’s Mexican Enigma By Bill Mesusant
January 2010 In Search Of Juan Rulfo By Harriet Hart
December 2009 Strolling Through Time By Mildred Boyd
November 2009 QUERÉTARO—Muy Clasico! By Maggie Van Ostrand
October 2009 The Allure Of Oaxaca By Alvin Starkman M.A., LL.B.
September 2009 MY FRIEND URSULA
—The Jew From Shanghai
By Herbert W. Piekow
August 2009 The Renegade Spaniard By Mildred Boyd
July 2009 The Magic Of Zacatecas By Harriet Hart
June 2009 Learning To Act At The LLT By Ed Tasca
May 2009 Mexico’s New Face of Spring Breakers: Retirees By Carol L. Bowman
—An Anthology of Travelers’ Tales
Reviewed by Thomas Hally
March 2009 The Chinese In Pre-Columbian Mexico By Bill Mesusan
February 2009 A Tale Of Two Presidents By Mildred Boyd
January 2009 Loving Pedro Infante Novel by Denise Chávez Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2001A Review by James Tipton
–Hero or Villain?
By Shep Lenchek
November 2008 SAN MIGUEL AND GUANAJUATO —Nice places to visit but... Story by Carol L. Bowman
October 2008 View From The Terrace
Mexico’s Copper Canyon at Posada Barrancas
Story by Carol L. Bowman
September 2008 CASA DE ANCIANOS DE CHAPALA—House of the Old Ones By James Tipton
August 2008 A Glimpse Of The Past By Mildred Boyd
July 2008 Tequila–City of Surprises By Kay Davis
June 2008 The Tunnel Witches Of Guanajuato By Michael McLaughlin
May 2008 Tierra y Libertad! By Mildred Boyd
April 2008 John Huston’s Mexican Odyssey By Bill Mesusan
March 2008 Mysteries Of The Universe—Where did the Mayas go? By Mark S. McGrew
February 2008 Hidden Gems of Jalisco By Mary Piotrowski
January 2008 A Woman In Ajijic By Bill Mesusan
December 2007 Nacimientos By Mildred Boyd
November 2007 DAY OF THE DEAD—What Does It Mean to Us? By Kay Davis
October 2007 What Rights, Whose Land? By Ed Lusch
September 2007 Copper Canyon Trip
(Bumps and All)
By Bob Tennison
August 2007 Writers at Lakeside By James Tipton
July 2007 In Defense of Malinche By Mildred Boyd
June 2007 Carved In Stone By Bill Mesusan
May 2007 EMILIO FERNANDEZ—Ten of a Kind By Maggie Van Ostrand
April 2007 Mexico’s Earliest Books By Ralph Graves
March 2007 A Lady of Letters By Mildred Boyd
February 2007 City of the Gods By Neil McKinnon
January 2007 The Weavers Of Mexico by Mildred Boyd
December 2006 A Christmas Tree For Mexico by Phyllis Rauch
November 2006 Maria Felix: The Fantasy of the World by James Tipton
October 2006 The Day Of The Dead by Mildred Boyd
September 2006 Following in Their Footsteps by Bill Mesusan
August 2006 Don Churrero by Maggie Van Ostrand
July 2006 So You Think You Can Salsa? by Margie Harrell
June 2006 Tianguis Of Ancient Mexico by Ralph F. Graves
May 2006 The Many Faces of Mexico by Joy Birnbach Dunstan
April 2006 Fateful Encounter by Mildred Boyd
March 2006 Viva! Los Colorados Valientes by Teresíta Sabín
February 2006 Diego Rivera—A Palette Full of Compassion by Ed Lusch
January 2006 The Village by Maggie Van Ostrand
December 2005 President Vicente Fox —Up Close and Personal by Paul Jackson
November 2005 Doin’ The Canyon In Style Part I—Creel and Cusarare by Carol L. Bowman
October 2005 The Five Senses Of Frida by Maggie Van Ostrand
September 2005 Calle Rico by Phyllis Rauch
August 2005 The Fighting Nun by Mildred Boyd
July 2005 A Brief Encounter In Mexico by Margie Harrell
June 2005 THE SONORAN DESERT—Land of Extremes by Ed Lusch
May 2005 The Huichols: Enduring, Evolving or in Crisis? by Teresita Sabin de Simental
April 2005 Manners In Mexico by Mark McGrew
March 2005 Mexico’s Ancient Astronomers by Ralph Graves
February 2005 Not a Lot of Ocelots by Vern and Lori Geiger
January 2005 Among Lakeside’s Most Illustrious by Arthur Melby
December 2004 Lakeside 2020 by Tony Passarello
November 2004 A Rendezvous With Destiny at the Hill of the Bells by Ruth Ross Merrimer
October 2004 The Neill James Legacy by Mildred Boyd
September 2004 Pancho Villa—Re-Evaluated by Shep Lenchek
August 2004 The Mystical Manatee by Ed Lusch
July 2004 The Man Who Bought a City by Mildred Boyd
June2004 The Enduring Huichol by Jeannette Saylor
May 2004 The Princess and the Priest by Mildred Boyd
April 2004 Mexico’s First Superpower by Ralph F. Graves
March 2004 World’s Largest Woodpecker by Vern and Lori Geiger
February 2004 Carnaval in Mexico! by Ralph F. Graves
January 2004 Women at War by Mildred Boyd
December 2003 A Gift From Nature by Ed Lusch
November 2003 A Peasant Ponders on Life and Death by Ruth Ross Merrimer
October 2003 The Women of Mexico by Mildred Boyd
September 2003 Children For a Cleaner World by Judy Dykstra-Brown
August 2003 Iturbide—The Aristocrat Who Made Richer the Poor of Mexico by Shep Lenchek
July 2003 Mexico’s Mountain of Flame by Ruth Ross Merrimer
June 2003 Alvarado—Captain From Castile by Mildred Boyd
May 2003 The Mexican Bobcat—A Natural History Short Story by Ed Lusch
April 2003 The Madonna and the Serpent by Lawrence H. Freeman
March 2003 The Mexican Governor and the California Journalist by Ruth Ross Merrimer
February 2003 Monarchs of Michoacan by Mildred Boyd
January 2003 MAKING WAR —AZTEC STYLE by Ralph F. Graves
December 2002 A Miracle in Mexico by Alejandro Grattan
November 2002 LIBERAL LION: The Extraordinary Career of Melchor Ocampo by Jim Tuck
October 2002 The Purepecha Empire -Paradise Lost by Xill Fessenden
September 2002 Mexico's National Bird by Ed Lusch
August 2002 Hernan Cortes -The Caesar Of Mexico by Mildred Boyd
July 2002 Lake Chapala - An Apocalyptic Vision by Ed Lusch
June 2002 The Mexican Unsung Heroes of WWII by Maggie Van Ostrand
May 2002 The Devil And Don Vasco by Mildred Boyd
April 2002 Where The Hummingbirds Were by Mildred Boyd
March 2002 A Virginal Look At Lakeside by Joy Birnbach Dunstan
February 2002 Who Actually Discovered The New World by Ralph F. Graves
January 2002 A Tale Of Two Rebels by Mildred Boyd
December 2001 The Idols Of San Juan Cosala. A Christmas Story by Idella Purnell
November 2001 The Anti-Clerical Who Led a Catholic Rebellion by Jim Tuck
October 2001 Ask What You Can Do For Your Country. John F. Kennedy
September 2001 Gold, Glory And Sixteen Horses by Mildred Boyd
August 2001 Viva los Charros! by Judy King
July 2001 The Biggest Little Man In Mexico by Alejandro Grattan-Domínguez
June 2001 CHILDREN'S ART. Alive and Well in Ajijic! by Mildred Boyd
May 2001 Around Lake Chapala In Seven Days by Gail Nott
April 2001 Mexico's Hairless "Wonder Dogs" by Ralph F. Graves
March 2001 Lake Chapala's Enduring Pescadores by E. A Lusch /Interview Translations By Patricia Martinez
February 2001 The History Of Lakeside by Lawrence H. Freeman
January 2001 The Marvelously Melodic Marimba by James Marthai
December 2000 The Biggest Popsicle In Mexico by Jay Lotven
November 2000 Chapala Railway Station To Become Museum by Gail Nott
October 2000 Mexico And Atlantis by Lawrence Freeman
September 2000 Benito Juarez : Hero Or Heretic? by Shep Lenchek Surprisingly
August 2000 Bringing Up Children In Anscient Mexico by Ralph F. Graves
July 2000 The Fall of the Maya Empire by Lawrence H. Freeman
June 2000 The Battle Of Mezcala Island by Robert M. Burnet
May 2000 Santana: An Eagle Or A Chicken? by Prof. Amos C. Miller
April 2000 The Little Ship That Led The Way To The New World by John Bauman
March 2000 The Legend Of "El Loco" by Andrew Bosworth
February 2000 The Enigma Of Mexico's Plumed Serpent by Ralph F. Graves
January 2000 Maize -- Gift Of The Gods by Nancy Wolf
December 1999 Motherhood In Mexico by Marilyn P. Davis
November 1999 Mexico Vs. U.S. A Civility Scorecard by Art Emig
October 1999 Guzman -- The Cruelest Conquistador by Shep Lenchek
September 1999 The History Of The Lake Chapala Society by Jerry Hesser
August 1999 Freedom's Odd Couple by Jim Tuck
July 1999 New Spain's Fifty Magical Years by Morgan Bedford
June 1999 La Frontera Fabulosa by June Summers
May 1999 What Price Survival? by Ronald A. Barnett
April 1999 Tlatchtli - Early Mexicos "Old Ball Game" by Ralph Graves
March 1999 I Live In Ajijic by Neill James
February 1999 Volcanoes In The Neighborhood by Alice Hathaway
January 1999 Mexico's First Emperor by Juan Gregorio H
December 1998 Men Who Must Decide Fate Of Mexico by Morgan Bedford
November 1998 The Ejido: Property Purchaser's Peril by Shep Lenchek
October 1998 Jalisco's Great Treasure by Rosemary Wehinger Bowly
September 1998 Puebla-The City Built By Angels by Dave Good
August 1998 A Brief History Of Ajijic by June Nay Summers
July 1998 The Aztec Way Of Poetry by Ronald A. Barnett
June 1998 The Birth Of The Baja by June Nay Summers
May 1998 The Irrepressible Pancho! by Morgan Bedford
April 1998 Garlic -- A Culinary Cure-All? by Ralph F. Graves
March 1998 The Conquest Of Mexico, Re-Examined by Shep Lenchek
February 1998 Witchcraft & Sorcery In Mexico by Ralph F. Graves
January 1998 Carlota, Mexico´S Lost Empress by Morgan Bedford
December 1997 La Malinche -- Harlot or Heroine by Shep Lenchek
November 1997 Literacy in Ancient Mexico by Ronald A. Barnett
October 1997 Guadalajaras Fiestas de Octubre by Dale Hoyt Palfrey
September 1997 San juan de Ulua: Mexicos Haunted Castle by Lovetta Scott Miller
August 1997 Mexicos Lindy Memorialized in New Jersey by Ralph F. Graves
July 1997 Que Dios se lo Pague by Ilse Hoffmann
June 1997 The Tarahumaras: An Endangered Species by Shep Lenchek
May 1997 A Trip to See the Monarchs by Thurman Alexander
April 1997 Masonic Influence on Mexico by Morgan Bedford
March 1997 Jesus and the Jews by Shep Lenchek
February 1997 Mexico´s Daffiest Dreamer by Ilse Hoffmann
January 1997 Warefare Ancient in Mexico by Ilse Hoffmann
December 1996 Mexico´s Long Christmas by June Nay Summers
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