Dove Of Peace

dove of peace


To abstract the truth of things from the snarl of separate acts—

to sort the approximate into what are proven facts

is often impossible. How can we bear the truthfulness

of acts which all too often are heartbreaking in their truthfulness?

How can we search for truth in what we cannot bear to ponder?

See the blood upon the hands they’ve taken care to launder?

Oh world, I do not want to hold thee close enough.

To do so is too painful, too exceptionally rough.

I cannot take your violence, your heedlessness and gall.

I do not see your fairness or your mercy, over all.

If only of our warring thoughts, we could select the fonder

and find a happier world out there–waiting over yonder.

Many seek this place but we do not know how to find it.

The kernel of the truth’s in all, but how are we to grind it?

In determining the answer, we all must share a part,

and the place where we might find it best is deep within the heart.

—Judy Dykstra-Brown—


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