A Dog’s Allegiance

By Robert James Taylor


What say you, my faithful friend

We are both old now- our years the same

What lies ahead, we can’t pretend

We both know we face the end.

But master dear, I sense your whim

Our time together is running thin

My wish to go please don’t condone

If you go first, I am left alone.

You found me and I found you

Abandoned, lost, starving, who

Wondered why in Heaven’s name

Treated you with cruel disdain.

I remember my first days with you

Confused, afraid but slowly grew

My faith in you- my savior found

How you turned my life around.

For years now, you’ve shown such strength

One hind leg lame and still at length

Three surgeries could not mend

Your loss though to contend.

Your limb askew still you grew

To accept these terms unfair

Some blessed hope whereof you knew

And I was unaware.

My darling boy you never showed

Such resentment of your fate

On you so suddenly bestowed

Your courage now your finest trait.

So yes my boy, it would be best

If you go first and I will follow

We both deserve such peaceful rest

Our lives now spent and seem hollow.

Rainbow Bridge now calls for me

Where I will run again carefree

When your time comes please don’t despair

 You’ll find me waiting for you there.

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