Special Thanks to Mark Sconce and Olga Kaplounenko for providing the outstanding

entertainment, and also to Roberto Ortiz for his supurb musical stylings.

The latest luncheon which drew well over one hundred people was one of our best ever.

To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees,  we send along our thanks  and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!




Herbert Piekow

1. A Most Conflicted Priest By Herbert Piekow, Oct 16

2. Who us This Jesus By Dr. Lorin Swinehart, Dec 16

3. Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? By Mark Sconce, Apr 17

Mark Sconce

4. Beauty is Sovereign / Maria Felix By Mark Sconce, July 17

5. The Confederate Invasion of Mexico By Bob Drynan, Sept 17



1. Obsentee Ballot By Judy Dykestra-Brown, Nov 16

2. The Chocolate Cure Linda Soma, Jan 18

3. In Search of the Best Light Steve Hluchan, Jan 17

4. Forgotten Letters Martin Bojan, Mar 18

Susa Silvermarie

5. Conchita at Lakeside Susa Silvermarie, Mar 17



Ed Tasca

Jackie Kellum

Mel Goldberg

Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman

Michael Warren

Michael Warren



1. Parts Are Parts By Margie Keane, Sept 17

2. Writers’ Rejections By Ed Tasca, Oct 16

Glenda Roman

3. Dora and I—Our Affair in Mexico By Glenda Roman, Nov 16

4. Love at Lakeside 1&2 By Sandy Olson, Mar/Apr 17

5. Dear Mr. Hemingway By Michael MacLaughlin, Aug. 17



1. Peter Luciano-Champion for Change By Mark Sconce, Sept 17

2. Jim Tipton-Profile in Courage By Bob Drynan, Aug 17

Roy Nolan

3. Roy Nolan’s Motto By Margaret Van Every, Sep 17 (Accepting for Margaret Van Every is Roy Nolan)

4. Lakeside’s Mr, Bogangles/Paul Katz By Tom Eck, Apr 17

5. I’ve Beem Lucky/Barbara Clippinger By Sandy Olson, May 17



1.Dreams By Margaret Van Every, Dec 16

 Judy Dykstra Brown

2. Snowball in Hell By Judy Dykstra-Brown, Sept 17

3. Symphony By Rachel McMillin, Sept 17

4. That Old Woman By Jim Tipton, Sept 17

5. I’ve Been Lucky/Barbara Clippinger Sandy Olson, May 17



1. Lincoln and Mexico By Mark Sconce, Feb 17

2. The Game that Never Ends By Mel Goldberg, Feb 17

Lois Schroff

3. Proof of Heaven By Lois Schroff. Apr 17

4. Loteria Cards By Mar. Van Every, Apr 17

5. Dare to be a Woman By Herbert Piekow, May 17



1. Imprints By Antonio Robles

2. The Ghosts Among Us By Fred Mittag

Rob Mohr

3. Focus on Art By Rob Mohr

4. Anyone Can Train Their Dog By Art Hess

5. Bridge by the Lake By Ken Masson


1. Tough Time on the Mountain By Bob Strand, Aug 17

2. Is Revenge Ever Justified? By Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Jan 18

3. Lincoln and Mexico By Mark Sconce, Feb 18

4. It Ain’t for Sissies By Tom Nussbaum, Aug 17

5. What is War? By Bernie Suttle, Dec 16

6. Silence, Solitude, Simplicity By Lorin Swinehart, Mar 17

7. Poetry as Art By John Dodds, Mar 17

Margaret Porter

8. Thank You, Mother By Margaret Porter, Apr 17

9. Improving Mexico/US Relations By Mark Boyer, Sept. 17

10. Magdalena and the Mountain Trees By Gabriel Blair Apr 17


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