Child Of The Month

By Nicole Sergent, Clinic Director
Programa Pro Nińos Incapacitados

Karen R. S.

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Karen is going to be 16 years old in September. She has had convulsions since a young age and was diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages.  Epilepsy means the same thing as “seizure disorders.”

Public perception of Epilepsy causes challenges often worse than the seizures. As of 2015 about 39 million people worldwide had Epilepsy.

Karen is on anti-convulsive meds and doing well. She has been coming to our Chapala clinic since July 2008 and so far we have reimbursed the family a total of 286,724 pesos.

As of September, we will pay for her meds for another year. When she turns 17 she will no longer be part of our Program. We are looking for individuals or foundations that could take over the care of our children when they age out.

Thank you, once again, for this opportunity to introduce one of our children.

We have three clinic locations, Jocotepec, Ajijic and Chapala.

Should you be interested in attending a meeting, please contact:

Barb Corol for Jocotepec (766-5452) Myself for Ajijic and Chapala (765-4375)

Visit our website at:





Column: Child of the Month




Nicole and her husband Bob have lived in Ajiic since 2007. Nicole has lived in Canada, Japan, Portugal and Spain. She speaks French, English and Spanish. Since her arrival in Ajijic, she has been active in the community. She worked for the Red Cross for many years and has been involved with Ninos Incapacitados since 2009. “Working with the families is sometimes hard emotionally but it is so rewarding when we see the appreciation that the parents have for what we do.” Nicole and her husband appreciate the beauty of Mexico and the friendliness of its people.


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