View From Mexico

By Charles Terry

la manzanilla 19


Well, here we are in our beloved La Manzanilla again, our tenth year! So far, every day has been perfect, with clear skies, bright sunshine and warm ocean lapping the soft sandy beach dotted with pelicans and fishermen, cool nights with stars and a glowing moon overhead, our wonderful writers group, fascinating literary readings, fabulous Mexican cuisine... Day and night being moved by and moving to live music of every sort, from reggae to blues to jazz, to rock and roll, mariachi and some I can’t quite name.

The moment we stepped off the airplane into this warm and embracing country we began to relax and feel the dark clouds in the north starting to dissipate and have less and less impact on us. Gradually we find ourselves breathing deeply again, feel our consciousness drifting to positive and joyful thoughts, experiences and expectations. Laughing with friends and strangers. Dreaming dreams of love and a bright future.

It’s remarkable how warmly we have been welcomed this year, especially by the Mexicans and Canadians who flourish here, as they express sympathy, concern and caring for those of us from the US. There are of course many jokes (the Mexican proprietor of one of our favorite fish tacos restaurant sporting a red hat creatively re-woven to read “Make America Mexico Again”), but mostly the Mexicans and Canadians just want to tell us how sorry and sad they are about what has happened to and is happening in the U.S.

Their distress is deep and authentic, as though worried and feeling compassion for a dear brother, sister or friend who has suddenly become quite ill. They express concern about and for us, as well as about Trumpism’s impact on their own country, the planet, the entire world.

So even here in this paradise of beauty, gentleness, music and dancing, where life is usually good even when it is hard, the dark specter from the north is being felt. Nevertheless, it is not nearly so overpowering as it was in the US, where it was beginning to be unbearable, where breathing was getting difficult and conversations revolved heavily around “I can’t believe it!” “What is happening?” and “What should we do?”

We cannot say strongly enough how refreshing and revitalizing it is to be here amongst so many who are not “American” in the sense it is often used –i.e. the U.S.— but are Americans from the north and south of the U.S., from countries that seem so much more healthy than ours currently is and who are holding us with love and caring, and standing with us, invoking light and healing on our behalf.

So, we are good and getting better, seeing things at home in a bigger perspective, and we send all of you very much sunshine, warmth, light, lightness and love.


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