Dare To Be A Woman

By Ilsa Picazo
Reviewed by Herbert W. Piekow

atrevete a ser mujer


Dare to be a Woman with a Capital M is the full translated title of Ilsa Picazo´s book A trévete a ser Mujer con Mayúscula M. This is not a autobiography although some might call her book one because she does tell her story of coming from a background of abuse and takes the reader through her three marriages to the place and person she has become. Ilsa comes from a well-educated family, her parents were scientists, but there are secrets in every family.

She shares her own secrets in the hope that her life can help inspire women to form friendships which helps them to become strong women who not only think well of themselves, but of forming friendships where women help one another to overcome bigotry and the taboo of sharing their stories of abuse and low self-esteem.

Thrice married, Ilsa is not afraid to confess that marriage and having children is not the only option a woman has. She shares the fact that children do not always have to like their parents, nor do parents always have to like their children, but they should respect one another. Respect begins by respecting one’s self and then growing from that point. She says this; “I aim to identify their innate power and how to use it to advantage.  . . . Avoid being the victim of age-old family blackmail via hidebound tradition.  . . . Building a strong circle of female friends can be a vital counter measure.” 

In her book Ilsa shares her own journey of discovery and recovery. She encourages women of every age to stand up for themselves, to stand together and to be strong as change is never easy it takes courage along with determination and a will to make a better life for yourself, your girlfriends and your daughters.

Although this book is only available in Spanish it does make an excellent gift for your maid, the daughters of your household help and for any woman fluent in Spanish who continues to struggle with self-worth and change. Mothers Day is coming, Mexicans pay homage to their mothers on May 10´th and this is an excellent gift for mothers and their daughters.  This book is a perfect graduation gift for a young woman who will soon be faced with adult decisions about sex, careers, families and friends. For some, the subject is still taboo, but as Ilsa says it is time for women to empower themselves for we are not second class citizens, but together and individually women are a power.

Atrévete a ser Mujer con Mayúscula M by IlsaPicazo is available at Diane Pearls or, you can order on Amazon or through Ilsa´s website: ilsapicazo.com The cost is 250 pesos.


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