Ramblings From The Ranch

As told to Linda Goldman

ranch feb2017 


My name is Lester, but until a few months ago I didn’t have a name. I lived on the streets, eating trash, sleeping in doorways, running through town with a few of my dog pals. Then one day two humans took me home with them. They bathed and fed me. They brought me to the doctor where I got my sore paw treated. They bought me a bed to sleep on and toys to play with. Best of all they pet and kissed me constantly, sometimes right between my eyes, such joy. Occasionally I missed my street buddies, but living a lush life was worth the trade-off.

Then they left. I had enough food and water for a few days, but when that ran out I had a bad feeling they weren’t coming back. I was abandoned, locked-in, my only recourse was to bark incessantly. After a few days, my throat raw from barking and my stomach churning with hunger, a neighbor must have called someone because – at last – humans came to my rescue.

They took me to The Ranch where I’ve been ever since, waiting for someone to take me home. The Ranch is the next best thing to having a place of my own. I get fed every day and walked a few times a week. When someone chooses to adopt me I hope they plan to keep me forever. Being left alone after knowing what it’s like to have a place I called home was a lot worse than living on the streets. My heart is still broken and it might take a long time to heal.

Please do not rescue a dog as a temporary pet. If you’d like to adopt a dog to provide a forever home or donate time or money contact The Ranch.


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