To My Sons


My Three Valentines
Written long ago and
now shared with you.

I would make of you
Strong fiber
So that when life
Tests you
As surely it will
You will hold fast

To the truths that
Are within you
The truths that
Make you what
You are

Different from 
All others
Because of priorities
You have set
For your lives
And your souls

Flexibility in the
Of that which
Makes you unique

So that unique
Though you be
You can cope
In a world of

And Accept the
Similarities and differences
Of those around you
With joy in the contrasts
This world provides
And ease in its

With confidence
That what you are
Is right for you
Though it may not
Be right for others

So that you can
Live fully
In the many
Patterns which 
Life offers

And still be well enough aware
Of who you are and 
What you stand for

That your fiber will endure
And remain a thing of beauty
In the years
That are to come.

—By Christy Wiseman—


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