The Chocolate Cure

By Linda Sonna


If you’re sad and mad and tired and blue

Here’s a sure-fire cure for you:

When you are torn from grief and strife

And sea-sick from the storm of life

And counting friends who did you wrong,

Too weak and puny to be strong…

If you despair ‘cause money’s short,

Find home as cold as some old fort,

If you hate your weight, dislike your height,

If your lover makes you feel uptight…

When your bunions hurt and your stomach aches,

And your back’s so bad your left leg shakes,

I know a simple remedy.

(It’s cheap!) (It’s fun!) (It works for me!):

EAT SOME CHOCOLATE.  It’s the best

For soothing pains, restoring zest.

The pick-up fix will make you fly!

The sugar surge will make you high!

If you gain weight or get some pimples,

Love your fat!  Ignore those dimples!

Chocolate is the one sure fix,

For sad and chocolate do not mix!

The blackest cloud of pure depression

Cannot survive a chocolate session.

Award Winning Recipe:

1 lb. bag of Nestle Chocolate Chips

Two hands

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